Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hot day in Saudi Arabia

Fuuuuhhhh... it is a hot day here in Jeddah. Though winter is approaching but the heat is still very bad. It could melt almost everything (exagerating of course.. hehehehe). Wouldn't it be good if it can melt my fats too.... hehehehe

Anyway, because of the heat, most business operators open their shops after Asr prayer. So what do we do before that? Hibernating most of the time... hhehehehe.. that's what Cik Elly buat.. hibernate and hibernate... no wonder I gained 8kgs last year... Do I exercise? Yes, of course... 10 minutes walk to and fro the campus.... hahaha... my friend once told me "babe, itu baru warm up laaa" but to me itu dah heavy exercise dah tu... when winter comes I will join other Arab ladies to walk and jog around the garden in abayas. Yes, they jog in their abayas. I know it sounds ridiculous but that is the it is here... so, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do' and that is what I'm doing.

As for the heat, a friend of mine, Dr.Rem who is a climatologist said the heat we are experiencing is from India and when it crosses the ocean, the water drops vapourised and what is left is only the dry heat. That is what we are getting. Interesting facts, right?

Okay la... See you in the next entry... :) 

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